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If you didn’t know I now live and shoot in Austin, TX and I fucking love it here. If you want to set something up email me! One of my favorite MUA’s from LA lives here too and we’ve been cooking up some rad stuff

BTS from a shoot we did a couple weeks ago

Model : MaryLynn Mayhem MUA/HAIR: Jessie Pagel Stylist:Abby Hall


True Dat.

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Old School
Model : Monica Renee
Location: Bad Ass mansion in Manhattan Beach
Assistant: JMV Foto
Make-up: Lisa
Hair Danielle June
I love shooting this girl and damn I miss her!


I’m trying to gather up some info on rad places to shoot down in Austin, TX. Any help with finding locations would be great. Also trying to find out how many people would be interested in shooting if I came down there with the amazing Miss Rockwell DeVil doing hair and make-up, I’m thinking time frame of August - Sept this year. 

Please repost this for me, I’ll love you forever!

Miss Rockwell DeVil MUA:herself 
circa 2009 about two weeks before I broke my ankle..we shot this in a public park in LA where I got a ticket for not having a film permit 20 minutes into the shoot.
Me too chick.

trying to keep positive.

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Oldie but goodie


Sometime you feel like a nut.
Photo By Rottencandy Photography.

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